On Blueprint, there is no shortage of opinionated individuals. Two of the most distinct voices, on opposite ends of the political spectrum, are fellow editor Nelson Rogers and I. We rarely, if ever, see eye to eye on political issues.

Instead of becoming ultra-polarized like the political climate surrounding us, however, we channel this energy into something positive for our community: a weekly podcast on political and cultural issues.

Garnering 400-700 listens per episode, students at Acalanes have grown to look forward to Wednesday mornings when we release the latest debate on Spotify and Anchor. Students are so involved, in fact, that we take suggestions on topics and sometimes even have guest stars.

Instead of letting our differences divide us, Nelson and I have come together to assist in creating a more educated, well rounded, and opinionated group of students on our campus and in our community. As we like to say, we are bringing civility back to high school politics one podcast at a time

Listen to some of our work below:

Episode 1: Affirmative Action

Episode 2: Electoral College